Testimony of Fred H. Cate

My name is Fred Cate and I am a Distinguished Professor at the Indiana University School of Law—Bloomington. For 13 years I have researched and taught about information privacy issues. I am the author of three books and dozens of articles in this field. I have testified many times before Congress
and state legislatures and consulted with a number of government agencies, not-for-profit groups, and businesses about privacy matters. I currently advise the Department of Defense Technology and Privacy
Advisory Committee.

The tension between privacy and access to public records was one of the first subjects that I addressed in my privacy work. In 1999 I co-authored with Richard Varn, CIO of the State of Iowa, a report on The Public Record: Information Privacy and Access—A New Framework for Finding the Balance. My research in this area and my appearance here today have been supported by the Coalition for Sensible Public Records Access, a not-for-profit group funded by businesses that aggregate and enhance public records for public use. I do not speak for or represent CSPRA or any of its members. I am testifying on my own behalf as a scholar of privacy and First Amendment law.

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