Testimony of Fred H. Cate (1999)

Madam Chairwoman and members of the Subcommittee: My name is Fred Cate. I am a professor of law, Harry T. Ice Faculty Fellow, and director of the Information Law and Commerce Institute at the Indiana University School of Law—Bloomington, and senior counsel for information law at Ice Miller Donadio & Ryan in Indianapolis. I am…
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Testimony of Fred H. Cate

My name is Fred Cate and I am a Distinguished Professor at the Indiana University School of Law—Bloomington. For 13 years I have researched and taught about information privacy issues. I am the author of three books and dozens of articles in this field. I have testified many times before Congress and state legislatures and…
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Dissenting Statement of Donna Bergsgaard

It has been a privilege to serve as a member of the Supreme Court Advisory Committee on the Rules of Public Access to Records of the Judicial Branch. It is difficult to imagine issues of greater importance in our democracy than those concerning the public’s access to the records of its government. I have been…
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